Corps Releases FY18 Dredging Budget

In mid-June, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers released its FY2018 budget for maintenance dredging of Great Lakes commercial harbors. The budget includes a total of $43,810,000 to dredge and remove obstacles from navigation channels at Great Lakes ports.  This represents a $25,110,000 regional shortfall compared to the $68,920,000 required to properly dredge the region’s harbors in FY2018.

State-by-state funding shortfalls appear below:

Illinois:   $5,725,000 shortfall

Indiana:   $3,657,000 shortfall

Ohio:  $3,955,000 shortfall

Pennsylvania:  $1,000,000 shortfall

Wisconsin:  $5,225,000 shortfall

Michigan:  $5,548,000 shortfall

Minnesota’s dredging needs were fully funded.  New York’s Great Lakes ports do not require dredging in FY18.


The totals above only reflect dredging needs.  They do not include amounts necessary to address other Corps operation and maintenance activities in the Great Lakes, such as operation of the Soo Locks, and repair of breakwaters and jetties.

For a harbor-by-harbor breakdown of dredging funds needed vs. funds budgeted, click here.